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QUESTION: Hey, i have a forbidden lance that i pulled from a battle pack epic dawn a while ago, do you think i should sell it now because of how high the price went or should i wait for it to go up. Also, i dont have tour  guides for my inzektor deck, are they really necessary?

ANSWER: I suggest getting rid of it at around 15-20 since a common can only get so expensive. As for Tour Guide, there really is no need for them since Sangan is forbidden. I'd recommend playing Rai-Oh this format since it wrecks so many match-ups.

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QUESTION: How cheap do you think forbidden lance is going to go in the future. I really like the card but the price went up really fast. I want to know an estimate of the price later in the format or in the next few formats.

There is no guarantee as to its permanent price. I have never seen a common as expensive as this. However, if there is a reprint in the next structure deck or sort, I'd still say around $4-8.

As for the next few formats, I don't think it'll thrive simply because Incarnate Dragons, Fire Fists, Mermails, and Evilswarm do not need that card. If anything, I'd suggest investing in Forbidden Dress.


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