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if the spell card constellar belt is activated would it allow the hieratic monsters still be able to special summon if evilswarm ophion is on the field, my friend says it does because ophion would be negating thier effects which constellar belt prevents, but i say it does not because ophion does not specify that it negates the effects, a judgement would be very helpful

The Constellar Belt spell card only affects monsters that are "Light". Evilswarm Ophion is a "Dark" monster, so Constellar Belt's effect doesn't do anything to Evilswarm Ophion. Therefore, if a monster is Level 5 or higher, then the monster(s) cannot be special summoned.

Also, theoretically, even if the Constellar Belt is activated and it is able to effect Evilswarm Ophion and Evilswarm Ophion is in play, the Evilswarm Ophion would still take effect because Constellar Belt does not block an effect, but actually guarantees an effect to happen.

Hope this clears everything up :)


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