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Yu-Gi-Oh/madolche puddingcess ruling


Hi , I was dueling a guy on Dueling Network & I had 2 Evolzar Laggia on the field 1 with no overlay unis 1 had xyz unit attached to it , so it had that as 1 overlay unit , plus the attack bonus from it . My opponent played Madolche Puddingcess . Which is 1000 attack. He attacked my laggia that had no units , which was 2400 attack , and his Puddingcess died from attacking a stronger monster than it self . Then he used its effect to bring it back to the field with an 800 attack bonus and activated its eff to blow up 1 monster on the field . Puddingcess says when its destroyed by 1 of my monsters by battle or by a card eff it can do this . My question is , would'nt I have had  to attack his card , not that it can suiside it self , then gain an effet? When Puddingcess says , when destroyed by battle to gain such & such an effect is'nt that when I kill it , not when it kills it self by commiting suiside by attacking a stronger card ? Please help ! Thanx , it's greatly appreciated !

Your opponent was quite tricky doing that, as it turns out, the effect of Maldoche Puddingcess still works if it "suicides" or attacks a monster with higher attack points than it can handle.

The definition of destroyed by battle is: "Monster(s) getting destroyed when they are attacking or being attacked." Therefore, your opponent's decision to destroy their Maldoche Puddingcess on purpose by attacking your Laggia is perfectly legitimate. This was a very smart move by your opponent, and it's a pretty sly move that tricks and confuses a lot of players. Just to make sure, I also checked up on the OCG rulings for Maldoche Puddingcess, and it states that "even if Maldoche Puddingcess battles a monster with more ATK and only itself is destroyed, its effect can be activated."

Hopefully that clears everything up :)  


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