Hi i was wondering when i played field barrier, if someone activates heavy storm what hapens, my field is as well destroyed or what,

Also, i was wondering about this trap DAMAGE VACCINE MAX. If my lp hits 0 and i have this card ddo i lose automaticaly or can i still activate this card?

Ooo also before i forget, where can i buy GX booster boxes, booster packs, tins etc. Online and

Thank you for your time

If Heavy Storm is activated when Field Barrier is activated, the Field Barrier will not be destroyed, according to official rulings.

If you activate the Damage Vaccine Max card on the field, the original attack must not bring you down to 0 or below 0 life points at any time, or else the card will not take effect. This is because the "cost" for the card's effect to even begin is to take "damage by battle". As an example, if you have 600 life points and your opponent attacks you and damages you for 800 life points, you will lose automatically because you have already fallen to 0 or below 0 life points.

You can easily buy retired and current GX Booster boxes and booster packs easily on eBay, if you want more flexibility on the prices. You may also find some booster packs and boxes on Amazon for a little more money then what you may see on eBay.

Hope this clears everything up :)


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