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Yu-Gi-Oh/Convulsion of Nature June 2013


Thanks for the help with my Karakuri deck! It works well against Prophecy (the people I duel don't play copies of breakthrough skill, so they're dumbfounded when Beast is dropped) but turns battles with Mermails into epic 47 turn struggle fests. It's really a coin flip if I'll win against them, but it works against the best decks in the game at the moment, so that's all that matters.

Would Convulsion of Nature stand a chance in the current game? Would the new Trance Archfiend card be a good fit for this deck? It would give a means to search out Archfiend's oath quickly which is what made me want to play this deck again. That, and I'd love to abuse triple mind crush against Prophecy, what with all the searching they like to do. Still gonna be a couple of months until Judgment of the Light, but I can wait.

Speaking of Judgment of the Light, what do you think of the new synchro monsters? Are any of them (besides Claiomhh) worth playing?

Also, should I just wait until the next banlist to play Bushi again? I've had hilarious losses flipping Skill Drain against Dragons and Prophecy just walks all over me. It's more funny than anything. I remember that deck being such a contender and being able to take on synchro decks, not too long ago. Then each banlist and card set I see my buddy Bushi falling farther things have changed! I've thought about splicing him with Noble Knights, but he doesn't seem to add very much in that case.

And finally, what had you pick Prophecy over Dragon Rulers? Do you consider Prophecy the better deck type? How does your deck deal with the first turn Light and Darkness Dragons that the smart Ruler Players happen to run? Thanks, as always!

47 turns against Mermail eh?
Sounds like a job for Soul Drain or Dimensional Fissure to me...

Convulsion of Nature didn't really work that well before... Without some severe Anti-Meta Backup you're not likely to get too far...
I'd suggest you look further into a Trick Archfiend-centric deck once Judgment of the Light is completely spoiled, so we know what TCG exclusives and OCG Imports we have to work with.

On Synchros:

Of the Synchros so far revealed, Mist Bird Clausolas and Balmung, Fighter of the Demon World
are the clear standouts.
Concoruda lacks the self-protection ability of the other Mecha-Phantom beasts (and for good reason), but this tends to make it too much of a resource sink for too little return.

Kirin is Level 8, which makes it impossible to make in a decent Fire Fist Deck, and Psychonductor Behemoth is just a larger D.D. Warrior Lady...
Armades isn't really that hot either. Its self protection effect really doesn't do anything in a meta where it'll just get hit by SpellBook of Fate before th attack is declared, and it isn't big enough to attach over anything the Dragon deck usually tables...
Not really that impressed by those.

Starform Dragon is interesting, but again far too vulnerable to Spellbook of Fate to make major waves. Being Level 11 means it's not going to be easy to summon either, and it will probably be outclassed by Radiant Stardust Dragon.

On Bushi:

Bushi is unlikely to be able to compete simply because it's a grindy control deck - it thrives on slow, incremental Card Advantage.
Dragons and Prophecy throw this straight out the window, since they gain +4-5 at the drop of a hat, which make Bushi's last 4 turns worthless immediately.

I'm finding more and more when playing Prophecy/Dragons that the decks just don't care what you do as long as they don't lose...
To clarify, what I mean is that regardless of what a non-tier 1 deck does during its turn, Dragons/Prophecy can simply re-take the field on the next turn - assuming they get one.

It's not just Bushi, decks like Fire Fist and Dino Rabbit were similarly obliterated by the arrival of the new Tier 1...

You could try mainboarding 3 Imperial Iron Wall to deal with Dragons and Prophecy, that in conjunction with Skill Drain should shut out most things - though you'll need to alter your Trap/Monster lines to account for the fact that D.D. Warrior Lady/Assailant, Prison and Bottomless won't work with Wall in play.


Finally, I leant toward Prophecy because I already owned most of it...
Everyone seemed to fighting each-other to get hold of the dragons - and by extension Dracossack, which made it ludicrously expensive.
By contrast, very few people were looking for Spellbook of Judgment, since they'd need to already own Towers, Masters and Priestesses in order to play the deck. That made it much easier to get hold of a set.

At the moment Dragon Ruler is probably better, simply because both decks haven't settled into their Optimal builds yet (and Dragons have access to Eradicator Epidemic Virus...)
However, the decks will likely be about even in terms of power once they stabilize.

Light and Darkness Dragon is a 50-50 kind of guy. It's only dangerous on the first turn of the game, because that's the only turn that the Prophecy player has no spellbooks in Graveyard (If they have some then they simply activate any effect and chain Spellbook of Fate to Banish/Book of Moon the Dragon).
Dragons are 50-50 about dropping it on turn one though, since if the prophecy player has a High Priestess they'll just activate her effect 4 times (Light and Darkness Dragon's negation leaves her in their hand) and then conduct their turn as normal.

Should it drop and there be no Priestess in sight, then Breakthrough Skill and Book of Moon are what the Prophecy player is looking for to turn it off.
In worst-case scenarios the Spellbook player can simply burn a few Spellbooks into it, which will turn on Fate.

What you have to remember is that Dragon Ruler only plays 1 Light and Darkness Dragon and 1 Wyvern usually, and most of the builds that are currently doing well have chosen to forego them in favour of Droll and Lock Bird.

I may end up on Dragons yet, but I don't draw Super Rejuvenation nearly as often as I open a 3-count Judgment, so I'll stick with Prophecy for now.


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