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Yu-Gi-Oh/misprint secret rare?



I have a ring of destruction secret rare card which the name on the card was misalign and at the same time the name on the card is 98% is not fully written. So my question is, Is it a misprint and if it is how much is it worth

Yeah, you can count it as a misprint due to a mis-aligned printing plate. Unfortunately, mis-aligned text is usually not very attractive in terms of money, since mis-alignment happens frequently when it comes to the printing methods used to produce the cards. The Ring of Destruction is also a fairly low valued card at a price of about $5, and there seems to be little demand for the card as I'm checking the sold listings on eBay. Although, since the card seems to be missing a lot of its text, it will probably boost the value a little bit more, as it makes it a more noticeable error. I'd say that the card is probably worth about $15 - $20 if you can sell it to the right person at the right time. You may want to consider trading it with friends for other Yu-Gi-Oh cards you want, or sell it on eBay. I usually trade my misprinted cards with friends because I can get a better deal by trading cards instead of asking for real money usually.

Hopefully this answers your question :)


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