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I hear that gb  bestiari is going to two so i figure that i will try that out when the time comes. however I hear that with such a ban list that water dragon/mermails will be top so what card or so would be a good side card against this deck? thanks

The following Cards tend to be quite good against Mermail:

Dimensional Fissure
Macro Cosmos
Banisher of the Radiance
Soul Drain
Thunder King Rai-Oh
Fiendish Chain
Maxx "C"

Basically, anything that cuts off access to the Graveyard effectively stops the Mermail deck from doing anything until they can counter it.
Rai-Oh cuts off the searches from AbyssTeus, Abyssmegalo, Abysspike and Atlantean Dragoons, as well as limiting Deep Sea Diva's Synchro/Xyz options.
Fiendish chain is for responding to a Level 7 Mermail's effect that discarded Atlantean Marksman. By chaining Fiendish Chain and targetting the LEvel 7 Mermail monster, you can both negate its search effect and prevent Marksman from destroying Chain (since it's now face-up).
Maxx "C" is effective against anything that special summons lots. It's useful in decks that can't play any of the other options well (most prominently in Mermail itself for the Mirror Match).

So I'd choose whichever of these you can reasonably fit into your own deck at play 2-3 of each option.
Aim for between 5 and 8 cards, dependent on how good your deck's Mermail Matchup is.

Hope that helps.


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