QUESTION: I know the next format might hit Mermails but i still want to run them, but everyone tells me that im a bad mermail player cause i got them a week ago. I was wondering if you could help me with some combos by making a video or smoething?? Thx

ANSWER: While I can assist you with playing the deck, simply telling you Mermail "Combos" isn't likely to help you much.
The power of the Mermail deck comes from its versatility, that being its ability to adapt to threats as the situation demands it.
This means that the best Mermail players are the players that are best able to analyse the threats their opponent has played and determine ways to deal with and/or invalidate them.

The key to playing this deck well is to be "Aggressively Conservative" - by which I mean that you should apply enough pressure to your opponent to force responses and capture the board where necessary, but not so much as to leave yourself without a powerful play for your next turn.
Aggressively putting Abyssmegalo onto the board without getting the most from its 2 discards is not the way to win games against those who are more experienced.

I'd take the time to review chain mechanics, specifically missing the timing (With relation to Abysspike and Abyss-Sphere) and the relationship between Abyssmegalo, Atlanteans/Abyssgunde and SEGOC. The better you understand the mechanics of your deck, the more likely you are to win.

The fact that you've only had the deck for a week means that you likely lack experience with it, so most of this will come with time.

If you'd like, you can provide some scenarios and I'm more than happy to tell you the moves I'd make in each situation.
You should include the field, your hand, relevant things about the Graveyard (Mermails for Abyssgunde, WATER monsters for Tidal) and the type of deck your opponent is playing (Unknown is acceptable here, but you'll usually know what your opponent is playing inside a turn or 2, and the first turn isn't especially difficult for mermail).

You can also provide me your build if you'd like me to take a quick look at it.

Drop me a follow-up question and let me know.

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

My Build
My Build  
QUESTION: Most of the time when i duel with them i have my play that turn then i dont have a hand, and i have only pulled of dragoons effext 3 times while i have dueled with the deck well over 40 times.

Resolving Dragoons is not always necessary to win. It just helps...

My first issue with this build is its lack of Dewloren. Dewloren is an absolutely ridiculous powerhouse in this deck, and often serves to put you into a position where your opponent has no outs.
Consider this: you open a mediocre hand or Sphere, Diva, Dark Hole, Breakthrough Skill, Maxx "C", Mermail Abyssgunde - Not overly what you want to see, but by no means terrible. You set the Sphere and pass the turn. If your opponent ever ends with no Set Spell/Trap cards then this happens:

Dark Hole wipes the board
Diva comes down and Special Summons Marksman
Marksman and Diva attack, Marksman -> Dragoons
Dragoons Attacks
Flip Abyss-Sphere for Abyss-Megalo and Attack.
Main Phase 2: Synchro: Diva and Dragoons -> Dewloren
Dewloren bounces Marksman, Sphere and Megalo.
Set Breakthrough and Sphere.

You've just gotten in for 5800 Damage, and your opponent will probably lose the game on your next turn, as you now only need to get one Abyssmegalo attack through in order to win.
You have Abyssmegalo live in hand for Next turn with 2 discards that will both be live (Due to Abyss-Sphere -> AbyssLinde at the end of Main Phase 2 setting up Abyssgunde) and have both Maxx "C" and Breakthrough Skill to stop anything your opponent feels like doing.
Note that they HAVE to do something, because if Dewloren survives their next turn then they DEFINITELY lose...

(It should be noted that Dark Hole -> Chain Abyss-Sphere is wrong here, as you effectively lose the game if your opponent has Effect Veiler, Maxx "C" or Scarecrow.
Diva first means you conserve the Abyss-Sphere if there's Veiler, make Gachi-Gachi if Maxx "C" happens, and just plain don't care about Scarecrow.)
(Oh, Play Gachi-Gachi Gantetsu, it's REALLY nice to have if your opponent Maxx "C"'s your Diva play)
The whole Sphere -> Abysslinde play is an incredible Power-play too, setting up essentially your entire deck. Playing less than 3 is just not using the deck's full potential. Remember that this into Abysspike -> Marksman in the End phase will allow you to remove opposing Spell/Trap cards that were set during this turn, preventing them from being used in the same way that an End-Phase MST would.
Diva/Marksman is far too good not to play at 3, since she and Marksman maximise the chance of getting off the Dewloren play listed above, and Marksman is effectively 3200 damage if it gets in.

The other major issue I have with this build is the 3 Tidal without Stream. I dislike 3 tidal anyways since the Mermail deck only ever needs to find one (After which any more copies are useless...)
They're also useless as soon as Iron Wall comes into play.

You also NEED Fishborg Archer. Really, that guy's far too good - Imagine what the play I listed above would do if instead of Dewloren bouncing Marksman, it bounced Diva and Dragoons instead. Yep, that's what Fishborg archer does.

Your side deck is fine, but Penguin soldier is just an awful Snowman Eater , as Snowman can be searched for by Abysspike.
(Penguin's not able to play around Ophion/Forbidden Dress since if it's attacked Face-down, then Dress will be resolved before Penguin Soldier activates, preventing it from Targetting Ophion)

Like I say, have a think back to some games you played, and give me some situations from them and the moves you made. I'll tell you what I think of your move, and the move I'd have made instead if mine is different.


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