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Yu-Gi-Oh/New Legend of the blue-eyes deck


Hi i'm building a blue-eyes deck based off the structure deck coming out soon. I have a list ready and wanted to see if it needed improvements.
Here is the current list

Monsters x17
Blue-eyes white dragon x3
Black luster soldier-envoy of the beginning x1
Darkstorm dragon x1
Divine dragon apocralyph x1
Eclipse wyvern x1
Gorz the emissary of darkness x1
Maiden with eyes of blue x3
Red-eyes darkness metal dragon x1
Rider of storm winds x2
The white stone of legend x3

Spells x16
Burial from a diffrent dimmension x1
Cards of consonance x2
Dark hole x1
Dragon shrine x3
Forbidden lance x2
Mystical space typhoon x2
Silver's cry x3
Trade-in x2

Traps x7
Bottomless trap hole x1
Call of the haunted x1
Compulsory evacuation device x1
Dark bribe x2
Mirror force x1
Solemn warning x1

Extra deck x15
Ally of justice catastor x1
Armades, keeper of boundaries x1
Azure-eyes silver dragon x3
Scrap dragon x1
T.g. Hyper librarian x1
Trident dragion x1
Coach king giantrainer x1
Hieratic sun dragon overlord of heliopolis x1
Number 40: gimmick puppet of strings x1
Slacker magician x2
Thunder end dragon x2

I would also like help on side deck construction thank you

It's pretty close to what I had in mind, though I'm not a fan of bits of your Trap Line.

I'd drop the 2 Dark Bribes and Call of the Haunted for a copy of Torrential Tribute and 2 Fiendish Chain.
You can then drop Burial from a Different Dimension for the second Mirror Force.

Other than that, this matches the build I'd play.


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