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I was playing my brother in a traditional game; he had four monsters on the field, while I only had one(Dark Magician). I used Dark Magician(equipped with Magic Formula) to attack one of his monster cards(Despair from the Dark).  He then activated Zoma The Spirit(Trap card).  First Question: Does my attack automatically get redirected at Zoma?  Second Question: is it correct though that I can stop my attacking monster since a new monster was implemented by the "Replay" rules in the official rulebook?  Third question:  If the "Replay" rules apply, then am I able to still attack the original monster(Despair from the Dark) I wished my Dark Magician to attack since the rulebook states to "reselect attack target" if I wish to still attack with Dark Magician?

Short answers: No, Yes, Yes.

Long Answers:

Zoma the Spirit doesn't say anywhere on it "Your Opponent can only target this monster for attacks" so what you attack it with (or if you attack it at all) is entirely your choice.
(The somewhat odd rule that putting a new monster into play forces your opponent to attack it is only in effect during the TV show, and does not feature in the rules of the actual game)

The Replay rule comes into effect whenever the number of monsters the Defending Player controls changes during the Attacking Player's Battle Phase (So if you're attacking and his monsters change, or if he's attacking and your monsters change).
In this case, the Turn player is able to select a new attack target for his/her monster, or not to attack at all with that monster. (If a replay occurs on your Dark Magician's attack then you cannot attack with another monster first and with Dark Magician later, Dark Magician must attack when the replay occurs if he is to attack at all)

A combination of the above 2 points, when the Replay Rule occurs the Attacking player may choose which of his monsters his attacker attacks. This can be the same monster it attacked before, or a completely new target.
So Yes, Dark Magician can still attack Despair from the Dark.

Hope that helps.


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