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Ok so my bf plays yugioh with his friends and honestly infond it boring but i hate being left out. So I did a search on what kind of deck I want and I want to go with a pure harpie deck. Do you think you can make me a good one so I can show him a thing or two?

Hello Sierra and thank you for allowing me to help you build a awesome deck now I will tell you it will be expensive not because I make it expensive but because YuGi is a rich person's game. It can be boring but once you learn it you will learn to speak your BF's language when he talks to his friend's.

Cyber Harpie Lady x3
Harpie Queen x3
Harpie channeler x3
Harpie's pet dragon x2
Harpie girl
i forgot the name but ask a freind or your BF for the wind elemental dragon not the baby one but the big one and only get 1
Debris dragon x2
Summoner Monk x2
Maxx C x2

Harpie's hunting ground x3
Hysteric Sign x3
Elegant Egotist
Quill Pen of Guildos x3
Forbidden lance x2
Swallow's Nest x2
Mystical Space Typhoon x2

Icarus Attack x2
Dimesional Prison x2
Bottomless trap hole
Compulsivary evacuation device

Extra Deck:
Stardust Dragon
Red Dragon Archfiend
Gagaga Cowboy
#39 Utopia
#11 Big eye
Maistroke Synphony Djinn
and what ever else you think you can summon or synchro summon.

Side deck that is up to you and your prefrence when you play and understand the game more Good luck with your duel's against your BF and Win show him what's up. Also Sorry again for not responding so fast to yuor question's. If there is anything else I can help you out with just ask away.

Tajnk You again Sierra


P.S. if you want another deck that is anti meta look inot traptrix they are crazy and they are all girls but there is only 3 of them so far. The deck itself is pretty fast and annoying to some so if you want to annoy your BF with a awesome deck well Traptrix is the way to go.


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Questions i can Answer: Rulings of the game such as: "Dark Hole(Spell) is activated and my opponent activates Starlight Road(Trap) Saving his monster's from dark hole but i chain to that a Mystical Space Typhoon from my hand as a chain MST for Short is a Quick Play spell card, who wins in the end starlight road or dark hole? Answer: Dark Hole wins due to MST being chained last to starlight road, normally people would say starlight road wins because it was chained last. well no "MST" was activated last so technically starlight road was still face down when "MST" was activated destroying Starlight road and allowing Dark hole's effect to resolve. person "A" wins due to last comes first.. other questions i can answer are how to fix a deck. Q's i can't answer are how to counter other cards in the game.


I have played Yugioh since I was 10 now I am 22 I had a 12 year experience with Yugioh, not only that I have went to regional(s) made my own decks answered questions that judges couldn't answer and I learned through others as my time went by. I Played and learned rulings and strategies through events i went to "YCS" events. for Yugioh.

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