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Yu-Gi-Oh/Gusto deck build


Hey would you be able to build me a good Gusto card deck plz thank you!

Hello Tristan Thank You for allowing me to answer your question. Well this is what I would do.

Monster's: 20
Caam, Serenity of gusto x2
Gusto Gulldo x3
Winda Priestess of Gusto x2
Gusto Egul x3
Gusto Griffon x3
Shield Wing x2
Debris Dragon x2
Tempest Dragon ruler of storms x3

Spells: 12
Pot of Duality x3
Creature swap x2
Golden sarcophagus
Book of moon
Mystical Space Typhoon x3
Forbidden Lance x2

Traps: 8
Mirror Force x2
Fiendish Chain x2
Compulsory evacuation device  
torrential tribute
bottomless trap hole  
Solemn warning

Extra deck:
Ancient Fairy dragon
stardust dragon  
black rose dragon
zen mains
big eye

Side deck:
Thunder King Rai-oh
Effect Veiler x2
Maxx C x2
Royal decree x2
Shadow imprisoning mirror x2


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Questions i can Answer: Rulings of the game such as: "Dark Hole(Spell) is activated and my opponent activates Starlight Road(Trap) Saving his monster's from dark hole but i chain to that a Mystical Space Typhoon from my hand as a chain MST for Short is a Quick Play spell card, who wins in the end starlight road or dark hole? Answer: Dark Hole wins due to MST being chained last to starlight road, normally people would say starlight road wins because it was chained last. well no "MST" was activated last so technically starlight road was still face down when "MST" was activated destroying Starlight road and allowing Dark hole's effect to resolve. person "A" wins due to last comes first.. other questions i can answer are how to fix a deck. Q's i can't answer are how to counter other cards in the game.


I have played Yugioh since I was 10 now I am 22 I had a 12 year experience with Yugioh, not only that I have went to regional(s) made my own decks answered questions that judges couldn't answer and I learned through others as my time went by. I Played and learned rulings and strategies through events i went to "YCS" events. for Yugioh.

High School Diploma, "Currently" in College at Cal State Fullerton.

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