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Yu-Gi-Oh/zombie deck help


i was wondering if you can help with my zombie deck. i just got it yesterday and wanted to make it better what could i do with this deck?

    could u help me make this deck into a zombie stall deck if possible? thanks


monsters (20)
1x vampire lord
1x vampire lady
1x vampire genesis
1x return zombie
1x lava golem
1x paladin of the cursed dragon
1x kasha
1x dark dust spirit
3x pyramid turtle
1x despair from the dark
1x partician of darkness
1x spirit reaper
1x mezuki1
1x vampire koala
1x trap eater
1x regenerating mummy
1x ryu kokki
1x battle fader

spells (17)
1x reload
1x everliving uunderworld canon
1x dark hole
3x call of the mummy
1x pot of dulality
1x zombie world
1x field barrier
1x overpowering eye
1x mask of dispel
1x lightning vortex
1x noblemen of crossout
1x lucky iron axe
1x dark core
2x book of life

trap (7)
1x cursed seal of the forbidden spell
1x negate atk
1x sakaretsu armor
1x dark spirit of the silent
1x bottomless trap hole
1x torrential tribute
1x fiendish chain


I'm not sure I understand...
What precisely do you mean by a Zombie Stall deck?
Stalling implies that you're waiting for something to happen...
What precisely are you stalling for?

If you can answer then I'm more than happy to help, but Stalling when you're not waiting for something is rather pointless...

you can answer by Follow-Up Question.


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