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This is probably one of the more odd/abstract questions you've gotten, but I recently took a break from yugioh (about 2 years) and I want to get back into the game, especially with the advent of pendulum monsters. The last deck I used before I left was Six Sam with a few Xyz and Synchro monsters.

Could you explain to me where the meta game is now and what are a few cards/decks I should be wary of? And where should I start in order to get back into the swing of things?

I appreciate your help.

well truth be told i ant the most meta player since no real events are near me

but from what i see infernity, fire fist, hieratic, mermail, bujin, and geargia, all major decks this format is comprised of around 20 different decks each making a impact so its kinda of cool seeing many different decks swarming the meta, the ban list has gone to a 3 month length instead of a 6 month one so we get 4 ban list a year basically,   

here the most recent ban list for you to get caught up

to be honest in the next month or so lightswarm madolche and a few other decks may rise up in ranks, as for pendulum summoning this video should explain it pretty well better then me :(

keep in mind its still in japan so we in the tcg ant affected by it yet

also new rule in japan that ant here yet but are coming

starting player in a duel starts off with 5 cards in hand no draw for that turn, and rumor says they wont be able to draw at all on the first turn tho this is not been confirmed

also both players can have a field spell on the field same time yes all atk and def increases will stack (2 necrovalley on the field all gk gain 1000 atk and def)

so that be interesting

as for getting back into the game personal find a deck you like go on test it out once you get it to where you wanna buy it buy singles its usually cheaper ebay and best places i know of fire fist are not too costly and can work really well geargia is the same

hope that help some any other question feel free to follow up


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