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If I activate cyber shadow guardna in my main phase and my opponent has 2 monsters on the field...let's say 100 attack points and 2000 attack points respectively.
My opponent attacks my cyber shadow guardna with the 100 attack point monster first. The cyber shadow copies the attack and its attack points are now 100.My opponent then uses the 2000 attack point monster to attack.Will cyber shadow guardna be destroyed or not?

Your Question is mildly confusing. Let me walk through your Scenario:

Your Opponent controls "Renge, Gatekeeper of Dark World" (100 ATK) and "Alexandrite Dragon" (2000 ATK) in Attack Position.

1. It is your opponent's Main Phase 1 - you activate "Cyber Shadow Gardna".

2. Your opponent moves to their Battle Phase and attacks "Cyber Shadow Gardna" with Renge.

3. At Attack Declaration, the ATK of "Cyber Shadow Gardna" becomes 100.

4. At Damage Calculation, "Cyber Shadow Gardna" and Renge have the same ATK (100), so both are destroyed by Battle.

5. Your opponent can now attack directly with "Alexandrite Dragon" since "Cyber Shadow Gardna" has been destroyed.

"Cyber Shadow Gardna" would be destroyed in battle with the first monster your opponent attacks it with, regardless of which one it is, so it's not even around to battle the Second monster that attacks.

I Hope that helps, let me know by follow-up if I missed something or misunderstood your question.


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