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Yu-Gi-Oh/G.B. Hunter ruling from that is confusing


Hello Exo,

It is Brian with an important ruling question with G.B. Hunter and Pendulum monsters. I read on one for the USA) about G.B. Hunter preventing cards from even returning to the extra deck and I want to ask if this can have pendulum monsters go to the graveyard while I let's say have G.B. Hunter out on my field plus my opponent has no cards to negate the effect with(as no cards in hand with no set cards spells or traps to negate the effect such as Breakthrough Skill even if my opponent has that Breakthrough Skill banished earlier in the duel)? If G.B. Hunter had the effect negated would pendulum monsters even go to the extra deck or would this monster effect prevent that from happening(an example is negating the effect of Thunder King Rai Oh and a special summon happens of course it can still be tributed because of cost)? I found it under raging battle rulings although it does not mention pendulum monsters. I am sorry if this is a ridiculous question but I am uncertain with G.B. Hunter and the pendulum monsters.

Thank you for your time



The basics of the answer here is that G.B Hunter does not interact with Pendulum monsters in any way.
Firstly, Pendulum monsters do not "Return" to the Extra Deck, they're simply sent there when they would go from the field to the graveyard.
Thus G.B Hunter cannot prevent pendulum monsters from going to the Extra deck.

Notably, effect negation has nothing to do with this. I'm not entirely sure of the meaning of your question behind Thunder King Rai-Oh and Breakthrough Skill.
While a Thunder King that is under Breakthrough Skill can still activate its effect to negate a special summon, Thunder King's effect will still be negated after it leaves the field.

You'll need to clarify that question if you'd like me to elaborate further.


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