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Yu-Gi-Oh/Naturia Barkion vs Traptrix if Naturia Barkion is on the field first.


Hello there Exo,

I have a question involving Naturia Barkion(if it is first on the field)vs the Traptrix cards. If player A has Barkion on the field before any Traptrix monsters can activate the effects such as 1 being player B searches out a trap hole card and adds it to hand(I forgot the name of the Traptrix monster that does that but it can use that when special summoned)as using foolish burial than revive with soul charge to search but than normal summons a Traptrix monster that would let player B use the trap hole card in hand when appropriate to activate and it can't be negated(I forgot the name of this one as well but I know the effect)than after the second summoning player A can activate Summon Limit to have both players summon twice per turn only with that effect(player A starts first has in hand 2 Emergency Teleport, 1 Summon Limit, and 2 Pianissimo to protect Barkion from being destroyed by battle and card effects the turn player A activates that)player B has in there hand on his or her turn to start 1 Foolish Burial,1 Soul Charge, 1 Raigeki, 1 Traptrix monster that can activate the effect in hand,1 Fiendish Chain and 1 ghost ogre and snow rabbit as the turn for player B ends with Summon Limit activated on the Second summoned monster but before that Raigeki than player A responds with 1 Piansimmo than ends with those 2 monster cards on Player B's field with Fiendish Chain on the field waiting to be activated but if Bottemless Traphole was added let's say to player B than Player A goes now ghost ogre would activate when Barkion chains Fiendish Chain but 1 Piansimmo is still face down so activate that than Player A has in hand Thunder King Rai-Oh and it is summoned can player B use that Traptrix effect to activate bottemless traphole in hand and protect it or would Player A be able to have the go to use Barkion to stop that bottemless trap hole from working although Barkion was out on the field first?

I am sorry for this much in 1 question Exo but I hope you can help me out since Traptrix are going to be used with the XYZ monster in Breakers of Shadow confirmed for the tcg and I want to be prepared for that.


Brian H.

The scenario isn't entirely clear to me, but I get this from it:

"Player A controls Naturia Barkion and Player B controls Traptrix Atrax (With Barkion having been summoned first). If Player A normal summons Thunder King Rai-Oh and player B responds with Bottomless Trap Hole from the Hand, can Naturia Barkion negate that Bottomless Trap Hole?"

The answer to this question is no.

It doesn't actually matter which order Barkion and Atrax land on the field, Atrax will still protect Bottomless Trap Hole from Barkion.
This is because in general effects that say "A player cannot do X" overrule effects that say "Do X".
After all, if they didn't, then all floodgate cards would be useless...

The order things arrive on the field only matters where 2 continuous effects would interact - like Skill Drain vs Apoqliphort Towers.
Barkion is an activated effect, so this situation is not comparable.

Hope that helps.


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