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Yu-Gi-Oh/My friend and I are not agreeing with a card combination that he doesn't think it results in a game loss and just is canceled out.


Dear Exo,

It is Brian. Myself and a friend of mine are disagreeing with this card ruling combination  that I want to have this clarified.

1. If player A has 1 card in hand while having Mind Crush facedown set on that turn,and player B has lightforce sword already facedown from before the opponent l'so turn... if player A has no other cards facedown in the spell and trap zone by player B having anti-spell fragrance to have the opponent set and there is a monster with summoning conditions in player A's hand, of course if player B activates lightforce sword when Mind Crush activates and declares a card name while player B uses rainbow life to discard and(even if player A is correct)Mind Crush declares chain lightforce sword for your opponent to discard after chain rainbow life to send the card in your hand to grave. Can this result in a game loss? If it does, who would lose? Player A or B?

I am sorry for having the ruling question on such a combination this long. Have a good holiday season and a happy new year Exo.


Brian Holman

Firstly, I should say that no-one should ever get a Game Loss because of a chain resolving correctly, as this can only create correct gamestates. Game Loss penalties are primarily applied when a player or players create an incorrect gamestate, and that state cannot be corrected by a judge.

Half of your explanation doesn't seem necessary, so I've simplified it to this:

Player A has Mind Crush set and 1 card in hand
Player B has Lightforce Sword and Rainbow Life set and 1 card in hand

Player A actives Mind Crush, naming the card in Player B's hand
Player B chains Lightforce Sword
Player B then chains Rainbow Life, discarding their only card in hand.

Resolving Backwards:
Player B becomes (effectively) Immune to damage
Player A's card in hand is banished face-down
Player A's Mind Crush resolves while neither player has any cards in hand,

The result of this situation is that play A's Mind Crush will effectively resolve without effect. It will try to find the named card in player B's hand and fail, so it will try to discard a card from player A's hand. Player A doesn't have any cards in hand since Lightforce Sword removed their only one, so Mind Crush resolves without effect.

Realistically, Player B didn't need to active Lightforce Sword at all, as Player A's card in hand would have been discarded anyway.

So no-one receives a Game Loss here.

I should make you aware though that if Player B specifically activated Lightforce Sword with the intent to get their opponent a Game Loss, then Rulesharking Penalties may apply to them, since that's considered abuse of the ruling system.


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