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With burying mirror force coming out in BOSH, I been play testing with ghost tricks trying to make it fairly competitve. The only problem is that I seem to be unable to  get it fairly fast. Here is the list  I got so far
3 jackfrost
3 lantern
3 specters
3 yuki-onna
3 jaingshi
3 stein
1 mummy
3 ghostrick mansion
3 upstarts
1 terraforming
3 burying mirror force
3 ghostrick night
3 ghostrick vanish
3 ghostrick scare
2 ghostrick go-around
the extra deck is mainly 3 allucard 1 angel of mischief, 3 dullahan and the rest is mainly what I can fit in my extra deck

To be honest with you, I have been so busy with college that I haven't kept up with the game as much as I normally do.
However, instead of rejecting your question, I want to send you this message.
What you have looks good. I normally see 3 go arounds, but you are already a little trap heavy. The new mirror force is the one that sends them back to the deck I believe. I personally still prefer the original mirror force, along with tools such as fiendish chain and d prison.

That's the best I can do for you. I did not intend for my account to be open for questions, so hopefully you can respect my effort to try my best!
Happy holidays!


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