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Hey Exo, I have discovered the joy that is Ghostrick Skeleton and have made a mill deck around it. I was wondering what I could do to make it more consistent.

Monsters 15

Ghostrick Skeleton x3
Ghostrick Jiangshi x3
Ghostrick Yuki-Onna
Ghostrick Doll x2
Ghostrick Jackfrost
Ghostrick Lantern x3
Ghostrick Specter
Ghostrick Mary

Spell: 17

One Day of Peace
Pot of Duality x2
Mystical Space Typhoon x2
Swords of Consenting Light x2
Messenger of Peace x2
Soul Absorption x2
Dimensional Fissure
Ghostrick Parade
Ghostrick Mansion x2

Traps 8

Ojama Trio x2
Needle Ceiling x2
Ghostrick Scare x2
Macro Cosmos
Solemn Warning

Extra Deck

Mostly Ghostrick cards that I use to get Dorklord out to get cards I need to my hand. I do have a question though. Does the effect of Dullhan or Alucard activate in the graveyard to bring a card to my hand if I remove it with Dorklord effect or is it dead? I have been testing this deck using YGOPro and it allows me to get cards back. Usually I get a Scare or Skeleton back. I also apologize if the names are off as I am using on older version of YGOPro and it gives me two different names for a lot of these cards.

Ghostrick Angel of Mischeif x3
Chronomaly Crystal Chrononaut
Ghostrick Alucard x3
Mechquipped Angineer
Wind-Up Zenmaines
Ghostrick Socuteboss x3
Ghostrick Dullahan x3

Side Deck

To defeat the meta of the hour

System Down x3
Prohibition x3
Dimensional Prison x3
Overworked x3
Light-Imprisioning Mirror x3

This is an interesting idea that just needs a little help in the execution.

The first thing I'd like to do is drop all the Life Gain cards. Soul Absorption is nice when it works, but if it's working then surely you're already winning? Since you're milling with Skeleton and your opponent can't stop you.
When you're losing however, Soul absorption just isn't going to do anything exception sit there and look pretty while your opponent depletes your Life Points.
It'll make it much easier to stick to your theme if we cut it.

Next we should only be playing the best Ghostrick Cards.
Mansion doesn't really cut it here because flipping your opponent's guys face down doesn't really help when you don't have any solid way to get rid of them. Parade on the other hand allows your to hunt for Ghostrick Scare and Go-round to end the game faster.
I've not included it, but you may want to add in one Ghostrick Vanish to counter the random Raigeki that could spoil your day once you lock the board up.

For monsters, Mary and Jiangshi are your primary engine - they both search for skeleton and put enough Ghostricks on the field to make it hurt. Lantern is similar - defending Skeleton from impromptu attacks and conserving your life total.
I've actually cut Skeleton to 2 since you don't actually benefit from having 2 in play (due to their "once per turn" clause), and because drawing it too early (before you've accomplished your lock down) just leaves you with one less card.

I've removed Mystical Space Typhoon and Raigeki from the deck - those cards aren't particularly helpful since you aren't trying to win through battle.
The third Messenger of Peace and 3 Upstart Goblin replace them - with the Goblins making it easier for you to find your copies of Mary and Jiangshi.

Lastly , I've updated your Trap line to suit the metagame better - Breakthrough Skill and Bottomless Trap Hole give you some staying power against the meta, and will help you stop the rare monsters that can break your Messenger of Peace lock.

3 Ghostrick Jiangshi
3 Ghostrick Mary
3 Ghostrick Lantern
2 Ghostrick Doll
2 Ghostrick Specter
2 Ghostrick Skeleton

3 Pot of Duality
3 Upstart Goblin
3 Messenger of Peace
2 Swords of Concealing Light
2 Ghostrick Parade
1 One Day of Peace
1 Soul Charge

3 Ghostrick Scare
2 Breakthrough Skill
2 Needle Ceiling
1 Ghostrick-Go-Round
1 Bottomless Trap Hole
1 Solemn Warning

Your Extra deck should be fine, I doubt you use it that much in this strategy.

In answer to your question - Ghostrick Alucard doesn't care where it gets sent to the graveyard from - the Extra Deck, the Field, as an Xyz material are all the same to it. So yes, Alucard will activate when detached from Angel of Mischief, as will Dullahan.

Your Side deck is kinda dependent on what people play in your area, but I'd probably do something like this:

3 Mystical Space Typhoon
3 Light Imprisoning Mirror
2 Mirror Force
2 Maxx "C"
2 Shared Ride
1 Macro Cosmos
1 Dimensional Fissure
1 Torrential Tribute

Give that a go, see what you think.


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