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Dear Exo,

It is Brian with a question about cards that state with pendulum monsters "even if this card leaves the field". The two cards I am curious about are Xiangke Magician and Xiangsheng Magician(due to a combo with them I am curious to find out if these scenarios are true). Here are some of my scenarios I am asking for help with finding out if these can be used in...

1. If player A banishes 2 Xaingke Magicians and 2 Xiansheng Magicans (pendulum scale and on the field through pendulum summoning) by using Card of Sanctity to draw 2 cards from the deck, when banished would the effects of both magicians work even if 2 of each are banished despite the once per turn effect for both of them(my friend is a tournament judge and he thinks it is possible because once per turn is on the top of the pendulum effect for those)?

2. If player A sends the cards back to the hand as if the pendulum scale would be active to purposely take damage when Chicken Game and Field Barrier are in play from player A or B to avoid damage sending monsters of player A from Metaion The Timelord as having less life points to do this(if both players had the same life points and to return 4 of your pendulum monsters to the hand with off the field effects)would there be a possibility of the effects working in hand?

3. If player A uses Monster Recovery to return cards to the deck and there are Xiansheng Magician and Xiangke Magician on my field with or without the pendulum scales on(as selecting a monster of let's say Denko Sekka I select which would be my own that is on the field)would there be some chance that even if I do not draw the magicians I can use the pendulum effects in the main deck?

I do know those 2 can be used in the extra deck but I am just curious about those 2 because I am having my friend get me the cards I would need for the deck to be completed and if they are banished, returned to hand, or return to the main deck would be some kind of combination) I thank you for reading this and I hope to get answers from the expert who would know the best for these cards in the best way in using the effects when off the field so I am hoping you can help me out in this Exo because that would take a lot of complex information to be 100% accurate for me.



You're completely misunderstanding the meaning of the text "even if this card leaves the field".
You're taking it to mean:

"Once this card has been placed into a pendulum zone, if it is later removed from the field, you may activate its effect as if it was still in the pendulum zone".

This is not in any way correct. What that text actually means is:

"Once this effect has been activated and has resolved, it is still applied even if this card is later removed from the field"

This text is present to clarify the lingering nature of these effects despite them being present on cards that are considered Continuous Spells.
Normally when a Continuous Spell is removed from the field its effect stops applying, but this text clarifies that this is not the case with these particular cards.

For Example:

I control "Castel the Skyblaster Musketeer" and use "Xiangke Magician" in my Pendulum Zone to allow it to be treated as a level 4 monster for Xyz summons.
Next, I activate "Wavering Eyes" to destroy all cards in the Pendulum Zones (including my own "Xiangke Magician").
Because of the "even if this card leaves the field" text on "Xiangke Magician" my Castel can still be used as a Level 4 monster for Xyz Summons.


I control "Constellar Pleiades" and "Dark Magician", with "Xiangsheng Magician" in the Pendulum Zone.
I activate "Xiangsheng Magician"'s Pendulum effect to change Pleiades's Rank to 7
Next, I activate Heavy Storm to destroy all Spell/Trap cards (including my own "Xiangsheng Magician".
Because of the "even if this card leaves the field" text on "Xiangsheng Magician", Constellar Pleiades is still treated as Rank 7.

So I'm afraid that all the combos you're likely to have thought of using these cards are not going to work.
There are a few things in these Questions that I'd like to clear up on the side though:

1. You may activate the Pendulum Effects of multiple "Xiangke Magician" per turn (or even the same one if it is returned to your hand).
This is because  the text for "once per turn per copy" is different to "Once per turn for all copies of this effect".
If "Xiangke Magician" were one per turn across all copies, its effect would contain the following text:

"You can only activate this effect of "Xiangke Magician" once per turn"

2. It is impossible to activate the effect of a card while it is in the deck unless that card specifically states that this is possible. Currently only "Spherous Lady" has an effect that can activate in the deck.

3. None of the effects of "Xiangke Magician" or "Xiangsheng Magician" may be activated while they are in the Extra deck. they can ONLY be activated while they are face-up on the field and in the required zone.

Hope this helps with your understanding of these cards.


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