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Hi Exo . I hope this finds you doing well . I ' m still running Infernoid & doing pretty good with them . There ' re 2 decks that 're giving me fits though so I ' ve  come to you to ask for advice . They ' re Bujin & Satellars . How can I stop Bujingi Crane ? And the 3 card summons for Triverr ? Would The end of Anubis work against Satellars to stop them from summoning from the grave ? Thankx for the help !

Bujingi Crane is in the same kind of thread as Honest - there's not a great deal that you can do against either short of attacking with something like Armades or Masquerade (both of which are difficult to make in Infernoid).
Traps like Divine Wrath and Chivalry can shut them out, vbut neither of those is something you want to be playing in Infernoid.

Your best bet in your deck is Devyaty's monster effect negation, which should shut the door quite nicely.
Realistically though they're only going to have it so many times, and it only last for one battle, so pushing through it with a huge army is the standard way to deal with it.
The fact that you're making them trade real cards for your Infernoids is just the icing on the cake.

For your Side deck, Mind Crush is quite the powerhouse here, taking Honest, Crane and their searches from Tenki while letting you see precisely what you're in for over the next few turns.

I'm not sure why you're having such trouble with Satellarknight - all of your monsters are D.D. Crow, so you can just banish whatever Altair targets before it even hits the field.
I'd think Satellarknight would have trouble getting anywhere near 3 monsters against Infernoid.

I think your best Side-Deck cards in this matchup are probably your copies of Jinzo, which should shut down the tellarknight Gameplan entirely.

The End of Anubis does work in the way you want it to, but it's better left for the Shaddoll and Burning Abyss matchups.

Hope that helps.


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