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Hello there!

Is the effect of Moon Mirror Shield where my monster's Attack becomes equal to the battling monster's attack + 100 an effect that can be chained to or negated by say Divine Wrath or a monster's effect that negates the activation of an effect like this or is this considered an inherent effect that can't be chained to? What is the difference between inherent and non-inherent effects?

Also, does the attack increase gained from Last Counter on my Battlin' Boxer monster only last during the damage calculation or does that last while the monster is face up on the field?


The wording on your first question is  a little confusing here, since there's no such thing as an "inherent" effect.
There are only 2 kinds of "effect" that cannot be chained to:

1. Continuous Effects
2. Inherent Summons

The second type can be identified from the text "You can special summon this card (from your Hand)...", and isn't relevant here.

The first kind, the Continuous effect, is defined by an absence of a colon and/or semi-colon. Colons and Semi-Colons are the symbols used to differentiate between activation conditions, actions performed at activation and those performed at resolution.
Since Continuous effects don't activate, any effect that has a Colon or Semi-Colon in its text cannot be continuous, and thus must activate.

Looking at Moon Mirror Shield's text:

If the equipped monster battles an opponentís monster, during damage calculation : The equipped monsterís ATK and DEF become equal to the ATK or DEF (whichever is higher) of the opponentís battling monster +100, during damage calculation only

We see a Semi-Colon in Bold. Thus Moon Mirror Shield's effect activates.

So what does that mean?
Well, it means that it can be negated by cards/effects that negate the activation of Spell Card Effects (Not Spell cards, that's different).

So for Example if you try to activate the effect of Moon Mirror Shield while Imperial Order is face-up, then the effect of Moon Mirror Shield will be negated.
Note that the effect cannot benefited by Divine Wrath or the like since Divine Wrath only negates monster effects, and the effect of Moon Mirror Shield belongs to a Spell Card.

For your second question, the ATK boost from Last Counter does not go away after Damage Calculation. It's a Permanent boost.

Hope that helps.


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