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Hello There - now i know this may seem strange but do you reckon burn decks are still playable in a competitive environment - i guess every deck is if played right but ii have always wanted to play burn again like i used to and managed to dig out my old deck - suprisingly the price of some of these cards now are unrelastic -e,g, nurse and potion and cure...

anyway here is the deck which is or was a play on the Simochi Reverse Burn. I try to use lots of cards that give the opponent life points, then use the  effects of Bad Reaction to Simochi to turn that gain into damage. This deck uses cards like Gift Card, Paths of Destiny, Upstart Goblin and Soul Taker but i feel uncomfortable using them now as i feel they benefit my opponent before i can switch their benefit to me and my strategy...

3 Nurse Reficule the Fallen One
2 Lava Golem
2 Stealth Bird

3 Soul Taker
3 Upstart Goblin
2 Chain Strike
1 Level Limit - Area B
1 Swords of Revealing Light

3 Bad Reaction to Simochi
3 Secret Barrel
3 Gift Card
3 The Paths of Destiny
3 Dimension Wall
3 Reckless Greed
1 Magic Cylinder
1 Ceasefire
1 Gravity Bind

i guess this burn style suit me as i liked to throw all my cards at m,y opponent, piling on the damage until they can't take anymore but i am sceptical about this now because of a lot more destruction removal and negation cards nowadays compared to before - i think aside from finishing the job due to poor speed i also need better burn cards to deal damage this way as i though about Wave motion cannon and others but i dont think they fit in this version ... but i want to stick to nurse reficule if i could - as i do wish for it to succeed and not many people are prepared for burn decks so if played right i could use the element of surpise on my side... hopefully

also what do i use for a side deck and extra deck - do i even need one (extra) and what cards would i need to counter what threats during games 2-3 of my decks opponents..

if you could help me out please then i would be very grateful and thankful

thank you for reading this hope you can help

I quite like Nurse burn since there's actually a reasonable chance that your opening 5 or 6 cards can win the game for you, unlike most burn decks where you need at least 2-3 turns.

The major thing you're missing here is that you can actually play 6 copies of Gift card through Tri-and-Guess (you just play 15 Fusions in your Extra Deck and always call Xyz), so you should definitely be playing those.

Slow burn like Stealth Bird isn't going to get there nowadays, there's too much monster removal. I even think that Chain Strike does too little.
I'd cut Soul Taker since if your opponent had a turn then you're not likely to control Nurse Reficule anymore, so Soul Taker is the opposite of your Game-plan.

I'd make your main deck look like this:

3 Nurse Reficule the Fallen One
3 Cardcar D
2 Lava Golem

3 Pot of Duality
3 Upstart Goblin

3 Tri-and-Guess
3 Bad Reaction to Simochi
3 Secret Barrel
3 Gift Card
3 The Paths of Destiny
3 Threatening Roar
3 Magic Cylinder
3 Reckless Greed
1 Waboku
1 Ring of Destruction

The goal here is to kill on the first or second turn. You have a 65% chance of finding Nurse Reficule or Bad Reaction in your opening hand if you go second, 58% if you go first. This is augmented to 70-75% with Duality and Upstart Goblin.

In the 25% chance that you don't find one you'll be using Threatening Roar and Waboku in conjunction with Cardcar D to see 3 new cards and hopefully find one there.
Unfortunately since every deck has so much removal nowadays, even Messenger of Peace and trigger traps aren't gong to stop your opposition effectively, so I've opted to cut them almost completely and aim for faster kills.

All your life gain Traps do 2000-3000 damage, so you'll only need 2-3 to win the game.
The exception to the Trigger-trap rule is Magic Cylinder, which I've opted to keep since it can hit 2000-3000 damage easily, and thus can be substituted in for a life-gain trap if required.

For a Side deck I'd be playing this:

3 Maxx "C"
1 Lava Golem
2 Scapegoat
3 Curse of Darkness
3 Mask of Restrict
3 Imperial Iron Wall

Here Maxx "C" is for when you go second - letting you draw extra cards to find Reficule/Bad Reaction sooner.
Lava Golem is for when you encounter decks playing Denko Sekka or Jinzo
Scapegoat is for decks that only summon one or 2 monsters a turn - in these matchups scapegoat can often stall for 2 turns, making it a better threatening roar.

The last 9 slots are Floodgates that best stop the top tier decks.
Monarchs can't win under Mask of Restrict
Kozmo can't win under Iron Wall
Dracopals will still be able to win under Curse of Darkness, but the + damage you'll get from curse will often put you in a position to burn them out before it matters.

You'll also need an Extra Deck consisting of 15 Fusion monsters.

Give that a go, see what you think.


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