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Yu-Gi-Oh/Rules Question (Destroying vs. Effects)


OK, so my sister's Amazoness Paladin has attacked my face down Apprentice Magician, destroying it. However, my magician has an ability that allows me to summon a lower level monster from my deck when it is destroyed by battle. I say that the effect can go through, whereas my sister argues that I cannot activate the ability because it is not a Flip effect. Who is correct?

I assume what she means is that it cannot be activated because Apprentice Magician was not face-up when the attack was declared? As it's not possible to destroy a monster by battle while it's still face-down.

Fortunately for Apprentice Magician and his ilk, a monster does not have to be face-up when an attack is declared in order to be considered destroyed by battle, it just has to attack (or be attacked by) an attack position monster and have lower ATK/DEF (whichever is relevant) than the other monster involved's ATK.
(Otherwise Apprentice Magician would be pretty bad, since not many people attack face-up monsters with his effect...)

In the situation you describe, Apprentice Magician will be able to activate.

If you want to delve a little further into this, FLIP effects and "destroyed by battle" effects actually activate at different points during an attack's resolution - so they can't interfere with each other. You can find more information here (These are usually considered advanced rules, which aren't always included in the basic rulebook):

Hope that helps.


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