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Hey there boss - Ok so admitedly I was attempting to quit. But I've been back and forth about coming back for a while. Even had my friend ship me Mermails, and picked up Monarchs. I've been out since maybe about the time where Infernoids first came out, BA was still big, and I was playing Yosenju. That may be vague but yeah that's all I could think of. I kind of want to come back for "fun". I know that's a pretty terrible concept in itself and I'm sure I'll end up going back to competitive soon enough. But for now, was just trying to pry for a quick rundown of the current state if the game, and maybe get some ideas for some fun/slightly inexpensive Anti-Meta decks and was wondering if you wouldnt mind helping me out with a good Anti Meta deck that'll do a good job for a few months between now till Oct / Nov atleast ish . Extar + Side deck inc please ...

thank you

So the Meta as it stands now is 4 Decks:

"The Pendulum Deck"
This is actually an overarching term for several variations on the same concept - Destroy your own Pendulum monsters for Profit and then summon them all back with you built-in Soul Charge.
Dracopals, Odd-Eyes Magician and Odd-Eyes Majespecter are the primary variations, but expect more to emerge as the new Metalfoe support phases in from TDIL.
Crippling this deck generally involves multiple Summon Negation cards a la Solemn Warning, or just straight-up Anti-Spell Fragrance.
This is the deck with the Highest Ceiling, i.e. it's the most powerful deck overall, but sometimes falls down on consistency.

Monarch (With or Without Extra Deck)
This Deck comes from a Structure Deck, and does exactly one thing - Bring out Tribute fodder and Tribute it for Monarchs (which then provide more tribute fodder for more Monarchs. Its primary hitters are Erebus and Ehther - the 2 new Monarchs which send Monarch Spells/Traps to the Graveyard to access the 2 most powerful Monarch effects yet.
Naturally the deck contains Spells/Traps that want to be in the Graveyard in the form of Pantheism of the Monarchs (a Grave Searcher) and The Prime Monarch (a Newbreed Trap monster that provides infinite Tribute fodder forever).
The Non-Extra deck version will try to lock-out your Extra deck via the new field Spell "Domain of the True Monarchs" - which is not likely to affect you very much if you're playing anti-meta.
Once the Monarch deck gets started it's very difficult to stop it, but this is the least consistent of all the top decks, and will often do literally nothing if it doesn't have both Tribute monster and tribute fodder.

Burning Abyss (with or without Phantom Knights)
This is exactly the same as it ever was: Mono-Dante Control. The big update is the new Phantom Knight cards from Wing Raiders, which give it access to searchable Traps, more resurrection effects, and a Rank 3 Scrap Dragon. All these effects can be activated from the Graveyard, making Dante mills even more potent.
In addition, the release of "Beatrice, the Eternal Lady" allows the BA player to turn a Dante and a useless BA monster into a Quick-Effect 2500/2800 Foolish Burial that summons a Dante from the Extra Deck when destroyed. This turns Farfa into quite the irritation.
Deck can be cut out in Exactly the same way as before - Graveyard Denial. Abyss Dweller is the best way, but Floodgate Traps also work.
This is the deck that's been seeing most success in the US due to its High Consistency (All its Level 3 monsters are pretty much the same guy, giving it high redundancy), but it has a low power level compared to the other decks.

The New TCG Exclusive Archetype based around Star Wars and the Wizard of Oz. This deck is made up of 2 things - Pilots, which are lower level and dodge all your targeting Removal effects by tagging out for bigger monsters, and Ships - the larger monsters that are usually untargettable and have on-destruction effects that replace them.
The Key card here is Kozmo Dark Destroyer - a Ship that's a 3000 ATK untargettable Soul Taker, which is notable not only for its ability to be summoned at any time via its own ships during its battle phase it can summon new ones and generate extra attacks).
This deck comes in 2 forms: the Fire King Variant looks to summon a huge monster-based Defense centred around Cyber Dragon Infinity on the first turn. That variant is counter HARD by Maxx "C", and an early enough copy of the Insect will stunt its development almost beyond repair.
The other version is more STUN oriented, using Traps to hold down the fort until it can unleash one of its many OTK combos. This is the Standard Variant.
This Deck is mid-range in Power and consistency, and is reaching the end of its support lifespan (Having gotten nothing new in TDIL). It's relatively easy to acquire since most of it's in Gold Series, and it gets countered super hard by Imperial Iron Wall.

These 4 decks define today's game. They're all fast, relatively consistent, and are unlikely to give you more than a turn's breathing room.
By contrast, most Anti-meta decks nowadays are based around Card of Demise - A SUPER-Fair Spell Card that lets you draw up to 3 cards in exchange for discarding your hand (which you will have set face-down) in your end phase.
Thus these decks thrive on having huge numbers of Traps, as any opening hand that contains demise usually ends with 5 Backrow and a monster or 2.
Variations include Yosenju, Qliphort, Counter-Fairy and Spellbook, though the most popular is Qliphort:

3 Qliphort Helix
2 Qliphort Carrier
2 Qliphort Stealth
1 Qliphort Scout
1 Qliphort Monolith

3 Card of Demise
3 Pot of Duality
3 Summoner's Art
2 The Monarchs' Stormforth
1 Upstart Goblin
1 Raigeki
1 Saqlifice
1 Dimensional Fissure

3 Rivalry of Warlords
3 Drowning Mirror Force
3 Chaos Trap Hole
1 Bottomless Trap Hole
1 Vanity's Emptiness
1 Macro-Cosmos
1 Solemn Warning
1 Apoqliphort
1 Re-Qliate
1 Skill Drain

3 Mystical Space Typhoon
3 Imperial Iron Wall
3 Mask of Restrict
2 System Down
2 Magic Deflector
1 Soul Drain
1 Starlight Road

1 Stardust Dragon
1 Castel the Skyblaster Musketeer
1 Abyss Dweller
1 Number 82 - Heartlandraco
1 Number 106 - Giant Hand
1 Diamond Dire Wolf
1 Cairngorgon - Antiluminescent Knight
1 Number 38 - Hope Harbinger Dragon Titanic Galaxy
1 Number 101 - Silent Honor ARK
1 Photon Strike Bounzer
1 Gaia Dragon - the Thunder Charger
1 Gagaga Cowboy
1 Majester Paladin - the Ascending Dracoslayer
1 Number C39 - Utopia Beyond
1 Traptrix Rafflesia

Your Extra Deck is largely irrelevant though, since you'll hardly ever use it.
Give that a go, see what you think.


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