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Zoology/Seagull wakes us up every morning!


Tricia wrote at 2008-06-08 20:34:25
Hi, I'm so glad it's not just me!!  Yes, I have the same thing with a herring gull and I've hung toys with faces where it pecks, but it is always at first light it slides down the roof and pecks at my bedroom window.  It's happened at the vicarage of our church also but this was a pair of gulls together.  

I do hope that by now yours has stopped as sleep deprivation is infuriating.

Tricia, Bridlington, East Yorkshire

margbinns wrote at 2010-05-08 06:35:24
I also have this problem, which is why I came across this question because I was Googling for solutions to the annoyance of the seagull waking me up yet again by tapping on the window. It doesn't seem frightened by my cat - they both just looked at each other! The gull is a young one with some of its brown juvenile plumage, so I assumed it was pecking at its reflection, thinking it was its parent who might give it some food. But I would really like some suggestions about how to stop it doing it.

Leon wrote at 2011-10-03 09:03:46
I've had a breeding pair of Herring Gulls living with me for over 18 months. They raised two chicks last year (they disappeared after they started flying, so I don't think that they survived) and another pair this year in a nest on the balcony outside my top floor bedroom window. I feed them, as I like observing their behaviour. If I don't respond to one of the youngsters when it's begging for food, it gets up onto the window sill and taps on the glass with it's beak. To start with, it pecked the window frame, but it then worked out how to get up on the window sill. The adult male tries to get up to the window, but can't get onto the window sill. In Glasgow, a Herring Gull enters a shop most days, steals a packet of crisps, runs out with it, opens it, and eats the contents. The shop owner doesn't mind as some of his customers are intrigued by this behaviour,  and pay for the crisps.

I've heard of at least one other Herring Gull doing the same.

deb wrote at 2012-07-26 14:17:52
Hi we have the same problem ,we live about 400 yrds from sea front .Every morning about 7 oclock a sea gull sits on our window box and taps at our window ,making it all dirty .It wakes us up every day ,i find it quite spooky now .

Sally in Hastings wrote at 2015-05-22 12:57:17
We too have been woken up by a young Herring Gull for the last 2 weeks.  We have lived here for 6 years and it has never happened before.  It bangs on the patio door every morning between 05:40 ans 06:00.  It's not as if iwe are in the room and it can see us.  One day it came about 17:00 when we were in the room.  Yesterday it sent one of it's parents!  We don't feed it but do feed the other birds on  the feeder, but this is nowhere near our patio door.


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