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Why do many animals have their eyes on the side of their heads, while other animals, and people, have their eyes on the front of their heads?

I have a bird feeder. Is bird seed an ok food for birds? They eat like they are starving. But I wonder what nutrition they get from eating bird seed.

Hi David
 First question. Why questions are actually easy to answer. This is the area of evolutionary biology. Living organisms are as they are due to the evolutionary processes. The shape of the head determines the eye placement and the shape of the birds head is as it is because that is what works the best to guarantee survival
 Second question: Commercial bird seed is processed to provide proper nutrition for the birds.
And birds always eat like they are starving. They have a high metabolic rate and need a lot of energy. I live in the midwest and only fill my feeder during the fall and winter when birds find it hard to find food naturally


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