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hi mr walter.i hope you can answer my first question is which of this creatures are more aggresive and working with which of them is harder?lion,bengal tiger,siberian tiger,saltwater croc,leopard,polar bear,jaguar or kodiak bear.and my next question is do you think is it possible that we train lions and bears and tigers and crocs with each other(for example for a circus)?and my next question is which of this creatures is less aggresive moray or barracuda?and my next question is do you think if a kodiak bear see a creature that it is larger than it,s self what think bear attack to it or it run away.what about crocs.and my next question is that what is you,re idea about tiger sharks?do you think that it is possible that can be our friends and have a friendly relationship with us?what about great white?thanks a lot.

Hi Muhammad
These are tough questions to answer. Most of the animals you ask about are carnivores and are aggressive in the quest for food. The cats you mention are equally aggressive when hungry. So are crocodiles. The bears show it when protecting their young Eels and the barracuda are no threat to people A kodiac bear will avoid any confrontations and would ignore a crocodile. Sharks are efficient killing machines and would never act like friends


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