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Zoology/Find worm-like creatures in show after my baby son is being bathed sometimes after toilet number 2


nobody wrote at 2012-06-27 06:07:59

These worms have popped up in many places. Research sites and others. So please bare with me. I have given you just some of the sites i looked at to get you started. Please consult you doctor before you choose to take any action regarding the worms.

The basic answer your looking for is this.(Prazikuanteli is effective against all species). For some reason this is not sold in the UK.So do your research, this is by no means a cure just a blog that may or may not be helpful. Google Prazikuanteli

Here are some more sites.  

Feesh wrote at 2012-12-28 20:11:52
Mark, we have these worms in our shower too sometimes. They are not parasites, they are the larva of a small insect known as a drain fly. These flies lay their eggs in warm moist areas, like a shower stall. When the caulking on our shower stall had holes in it the flies would go under the shower rail and lay their eggs under there and the the larva would crawl out sometimes. The way we fixed it is we re-caulked the shower stall seams so the flies can't get under the shower door rail, also you should regularly clean out your shower drains, the flies also lay eggs in the drain and the larva feed on the organic material stuck to the walls of the pipes. The worm in your picture is identical to the ones we had, so fear not you and your wife and kids probably don't have parasites.


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