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Zoology/student research question on endangered animals


Hi, my name is Lincoln Poynter, and we are writing news articles.  I am interested in endangered animals, and was wondering if you would be able to answer some questions for me.  
Question 1
Since animals are endangered and possibly becoming extinct how will this affect the food chain?
Question 2
How are humans affected, or are they, by animals becoming endangered?
QUesiton 3
What can be done to help prevent animals from becoming endangered?  THank you for your time!

Question 1
This difficult to answer because it depends upon the animal and its place in the ecosystem. All living things occupy a niche in the food webs and any extinction will have an effect. Hor great an effect depends the niche it occupies. The extinction of a predator for example can bring about a population increase in the prey species

 2. Again it depends upon the species. A decline in insect predators can bring about an increase in insects feeding on food crops. There is also aesthetic values to consider. WE can be affected  by the loss of songbirds and butterflies.

3. Many extinctions are about by loss of habitat or over hunting. These situation can be stopped or reversed. Sharks for example are endangered from over fishing


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