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Zoology/interview questions


I have multiple questions for you, and was hoping you would be able to answer them.

1.What are the basic branches of zoology?

2.What does each of these branches do?

3.Do experts from each field occasionally work together on something or do they just stick to their own fields?

4.What skills are needed for your particular field of research?

5.What are some other areas of work that zoologists able to enter?

6.What education have you had and what is your current position title?

7.What are some of the advantages or disadvantages that are in this particular field.

8.What would be a typical day for someone in your field?

9.What advice do you have for people wanting to join your field?

10.When an important assignment is at hand does your field of research affect with how you approach the situation?

1 The study of animals usually is separated into Invertebrate and vertebrate and further into the Phyla. Those studying vertebrates concentrate on one of the classes: Mammals,birds,fish reptiles and amphibians.
2. Further division may be carried out, most commonly taxonomy and behavior
3.They have to work together. All organisms are connected
4. The use of biological instrumentation
5. veterinary medicine and zoos
6.At least a BSc and in college a Msc or Ph.D.. I am a college biology teacher
7. Advantages or disadvantages are arbitrary. The advantages are there if you are  doing what you like. Low compensation may be a disadvantage
8.I am a teacher and my day consists of classes
9.Get right with nature. Spend time outdoors and observe
 Take all sciences and math in high school
10.I am not doing research. I am semi retired  


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