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Hello, my name is Jasmine Rodriguez and i go to Roy Chapman Answers Academy. R.C.A.A. is a project based learning school in Beloit Wisconsin in the United States. All of the 8th graders are required to do a project on either Natural Selection and Adaption or Growth Development and Reproduction of Elements. i chose Natural Selection and Development.  I was just wondering if you could help me by answering a few questions about this topic. Those questions were:   1.How do changes in fossils provide evidence of the history of life on Earth?
     2. How do genetic variations of traits in a population increase some individual's probability of surviving and reproducing in a specific environment which tends to increase these traits in the population?
     3. How can two populations of the same species in different environments have evolved to become separate species?
     4. How do changes (mutations) to genes, which are located on chromosomes, affect specific inherited traits resulting in harmful, beneficial, or neutral effects?
     5. What is the relationship among the changes (mutations) to genes, changes to the formation of proteins, and the effect on the structure and function of the organism and thereby traits?
If you can help me with these questions in any way that would help me greatly! If you can't answer any of my questions that's fine too. If you do however have any answers to these questions I asked you I would need them back by or before April 23. Thank you for your time.

Hi Jasmine
These questions require some time. At this time I am giving exams to my college classes but I will get back to you an a day or two. Meanwhile I want you to some checking.
Be sure you review Natural selection, the development of new species, and the basic structure of DNA and RNA. If you have any problems here let me know
If you do these things it will be easier and we can work towards a super Project


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