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Good day
In nature and in the animal kingdom, we see that certain animals are predators and prey. For example, the dear is food for the lion and the plants are food for the dear. In the same way fishes, cows, chickens are food for man.
I was wondering why in nature are some species prey and predator and can zoology explain why some animals are destined to be the food for others. Also what is it in nature that give one species the privilege of being on the upper side where it can consume another species as food.
Can zoology answer these questions. I know that they seem seemingly absurd or unanswerable, but it is valid fact of the reality of nature.

Sunil Mahabir
West Miramar, Fl

Hi Sunil
All living organisms are connected an all occupy a certain  niche. An animals niche is its relationship to the environment, the effect of the animal on the environment and that of the environment on the animal. There is a constant flow of energy in nature and living things require it. Green plants make food, herbivorous animals eat the food and carnivorous animals eat the herbivores. AS your last statement said this is the reality of nature. IT cannot be any other way because every niche must be filled. There cannot be prey without a predator. This is the result of the evolutionary process.


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