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I am having a discussion with an SDA pastor and i am saying that the ark was to small to hold all the food and animals and eight people for over a year without resupply. Noah took 2 of every unclean animal and 7 pairs of every clean land dwelling animal and all the birds and insects and put them on the ark is it possible for all the animals to fit in the ark( the ark had 3 levels so all the space is not used) with the food necessary to feed them?

Hi mark
I was raised a Christian but I am not an authority on the Bible. I am not a fundamentalist and do not take biblical accounts as facts. The story about Noah makes little sense. The actual number of living creatures in the world is enormous. There are millions of insect species alone. If all species were on the same boat the ecological relationships (predator and prey) would have to be suspended if organisms were to survive.Remember some animals eat eat other animals. Another problem with the Noah story is the flood. The amount of water on the Earth is constant and for the Earth to be covered there would had to have been more water during Noah's time then there is now. Where did that extra water go?
 I believe that the story of Noah is a message only as is other stories like Jonah and a whale.
I certainly would not take it upon myself to argue with your Pastor and the Noah story may be true but it is not a fact because it cannot be proven false.  


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