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Zoology/Robin nest with babies in my garage


I found a robin's nest in the rafters of my garage a few days ago and have periodically seen her flying around inside it. About 2 days ago her eggs hatched, but I have not seen her in there with them at all when I peek in. I'm really worried we might have scared her away by pulling the car in and out of the garage. Also, alot of the neighbor kids will run around the yard near the garage yelling and playing, however, her nest is high enough up that they cannot reach it if they were to go into the garage. Could any of this cause her to become scared and abandon the nest and babies?

I am sorry that I have not back to you earlier Julie. Has she returned yet. If not it has been at least four days so the young have most likely dead. The car noise and fumes could have spooked her but children playing probably would not have done so. If you can reach the nest check it and if they are dead remove it so scavengers do not get involved. Let me know what happens.


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