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I was walking in school when suddenly I felt something in my neck. I thought it was a leaf that fell from a tree. I shove it away and what I saw was an animal. After 4 hours, my neck was slightly reddish. When I woke up the next day I had a scratch similar to what a finger is capable of. I did not have any fever but I am just annoyed of the scratch. I went to the clinic and I had already seen a doctor who recommended me some anti allergy meds. The next day I saw it again when I was in the vehicle and so I was able to photograph it. I am very eager to know what animal is this. I have never encountered one before. I would truly appreciate any help in identifying this animal.

Hi Ted
From the photo you sent, this appears to be a species of caterpillar possibly a member of the inchworm group. Many caterpillars are irritating to the skin. That could be the cause of your rash. You will most likely never encounter one again. They eat leaves


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