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QUESTION: Hello,my question is do the silver color of fish and some insects control their body temprature.

ANSWER: Hi Summer
 Fish and insects are cold blooded. Their body temperature depends upon the temperature of their environment

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QUESTION: Thanks, can you guide me what is the function of silver scales of the fish and silver color of insects.?

ANSWER: Colorations on animals are protective, making them more difficult for predators to see. silver scales reflect the light in water

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QUESTION: Hello sorry for bothering again,if silver color of insects and fish reflect light.doesn't it also reflect heat and cold  from outside simmilar to thermos flask.?

Remember what I said about fish having the same body temperature as their surroundings. Energy, both heat and light is reflected but whether is or not makes no difference to the fish. The temperature of the fish will still be the same as the water. Cold is not reflected. Cold is not energy. Cold is the absence of heat. Some things are not as warm as others


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