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1.whats your opinion on endangered species
2. Do you think that the rate of extinction will decrease
3. Why are there so many endangered species
4. Can we do something to stop animals from being endangered and how
5.why do they become extinct
Thanks a lot I need this for a research paper and will help a lot and I would
Appreciate it so much thanks for your answer, time thanks again.
Sincerely, Samantha

Hi Samantha
 I am basically an outdoor biologist and biological diversity is important to me. I emphasize it it in all my biology classes. Therefore I appreciate your interest in the topic.

  1. Extinction is a natural process and some species have always reached the endangered stage before the extinction stage. But it was a slow process. At least it was before the overpopulation of humans and the industrial revolution.
  2.Unfortunately the extinction rate is increasing and I do not see that changing in the near future
  3.This is clearly due to human activity. Basically loss of habitat, pollution, hunting and overfishing
4.Only by correcting the human conditions that bring about extinction
5. They become extinct when the reach the extinction threshold: the point at which the death rate is greater then the birth rate. Some species have reached that point already.

Mass extinctions have occurred in the past and we may be headed for one now. A cataclysmic event wiped out the giant reptiles and about 90% of all other species.  


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