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QUESTION: Greetings,

My husband found this snake under the bathroom sink. It is about 10 cm long, 3 mm thick. Milder translucent under bright light. We are located in Austin , TX.
Please help identify and advice.

ANSWER: I am having trouble finding any distinguishing marks here and I cannot recognize the head. The transparency also eludes me as it is not a snake characteristic. Could you possibly send me a better photo


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Snake head
Snake head  

Skin scales
Skin scales  
QUESTION: Thank you fir your prompt answer.
Here are some pictures.
Now , D 3 from we found them. Skin looks more scaly. Mildly larger.
I was told they don't like sulfure. So I applied some of the sulfure powder at the bathroom doors hoping limiting potential other family members from coming to the rest of the house. I hope it is a right decision. I am also still awaiting the house landlord answer to have professional pest control team.
Please advice.

I believe that this is a young Worm snake of the Genus Carphophis. Worn snakes are rarely seen and especially not in houses. They are basically found in wet soils so it would be a transient in your house. They also can be found in Eastern Texas. It is very unlikely there would be another one.
 I may be wrong here but since I cannot examine it up close that is my conclusion. If you see any more let me know


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