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QUESTION: Last night during the football game my husband and I heard a sound like a bird or a bat. My husband thought it came from our chimney - even though our chimney is sealed at the top and at the bottom. We heard it twice in a row and he immediately turned down the tv and haven't heard it again.

We have a story and a half house so I wasn't convinced that it wasn't upstairs so we searched every room in our house and found nothing. We looked under beds and in closets, in curtains, etc. Nothing flew out and no more sounds all night. Our schnauzer also wasn't alerted to anything and he usually sniffs anything "new" in our house out.

How concerned should we be over this? We have three small children who were upstairs sleeping. I'm confused as to why we didn't hear it again and also concerned about having a bat in the house (even if that's possible) due to rabies.

What should we do?

ANSWER: Most likely you are not alone when it comes to strange sounds like this Jessie. Unless it occurs again and I do not think you have to be concerned. Bats do not make loud sounds and a trapped bird will continue making them. Do you have an attic or a basement? Refrigerators can make noise also. Let me know if it occurs again

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QUESTION: Thank you so much for your answer. I do not know that much about bats but from what you said we probably wouldn't be likely to hear a bat over the TV? We have not heard anything all day, although my husband said that he had the windows open today and heard a very similar noise from some bird. We had initially listen to bat noises on you tube and were concerned that in some of the videos that was a similar sound.

We searched our house again and didn't see anything. I contacted our pediatrician, who said that without seeing one, there wasn't anything that they recommended that we do.

How concerned should we be in terms of rabies from a bat, if there is one. I read that rabies was fairly uncommon in bats contrary to what most believe. What else should we know about bats or is there an article you could send me on any signs of having them?

The CDC has stated that the percentage of bats that carry Rabies is about 1 percent> in order for a bat to carry the virus the bat has to bite a rabid animal. Raccoons are more likely to carry rabies. Also rabies in the US is extremely rare.
The sounds of bats you hear on tv have been amplified
Pay no attention to the stories you hear about bats and rabies


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