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Are you aware of any research done on domestic cats and the BARF diet (Thats the diet where you basically feed your cat raw meat, bone powder, stuff that they would actually eat if wild) in regards to bird killing?
It would makes sense that feeding your cat a more naturalistic diet should decrease hunting behaviour in the feline, thus saving the local avian and rodent populations.

Hi J
I am unaware of any research on this cat food but I would not pay much attention to it. I investigated raw food diets for cats and dogs and I believe it is a merchandizing ploy. I The pet food market is very competitive and it would seem that somebody has thought it would be a good idea to use the carnivore nature of cats to gain an advantage. The makers of the raw food diets claim to cure all kinds of health problems of cats.  Regular cat foods have been used for a long time and domestic cats appear to be healthy.
 I doubt very much that the hunting instinct of cats would be diminished by feeding them raw foods. On a personal note I had a cat years ago that loved raw liver and  meat scraps. Even so any mouse that ventured forth was a prime target.


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