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After much research, I am still not able to find much information about interesting pairs of animals that cohabitate in the rain forest. I would love to know if there are any special or unordinary pairs of animals that spend time together or help each other out. More specifically I am interested in the behavior of Sloths and if they have any interactions with other animals. Thank you for your time and I look forward to your answer.

Hi Logan
 I believe the term cohabitation does fit here with regard to the information you seek.
 All living things in the rain forest are cohabitating. Instead  I believe you are looking for examples of symbiotic relationships. Animals living together for mutual benefit exhibit Mutualism. Animals living together when  only one benefits and the other is unharmed are examples of Commensalism.. When robs the other on energy it is Parasitism. Sloths have a commensal relation with plants as they spread seeds on their coats. They also are parasitized by some insects but they do not have any Mutualistic relationships with other animals


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