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A dove took shelter in my home, built small nest on its own and it laid eggs. The mother dove was taking care of its two child doves for around 2 weeks. After 1 to 2 weeks, mother dove flew from them but used to visit and feed its young ones. I found that mother dove stopped visiting and found 2 small doves died almost exactly the same day. The wings were developed partially. I am sure that they did not die due to food shortage. Can you please give some idea what might have caused their death.


Hi Amtry
  The mortality rate of fledgling birds is very high and they are completely dependent upon maternal care. The young birds do have a high metabolic rate and need constant feeding.  Doves are fed a liquid diet of pre digested food from the mother and she could have  not been feeding them enough during her visits. If lack of proper feeding is not the answer I am afraid that the real answer is impossible to determine.
 It is quite possible that the failure of the other to return could be because she was killed by a predator


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