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This actually has nothing to do with Richard Dawkins' selfish gene ( I just needed a cool tittle)but rather the fact that, as vsauce said (if hes not accurate or reliable stop me right here)that the reason that animals dont have wheels is because it wouldnt be selfish enough; to have effective wheels, you have to have a road, which would be permanent or atleast long lasting, meaning many other animals could use it too (if you havent seen it, YouTube Vsauces Why dont animals have wheels?). Is this  true, because i read that the reason geese fly in a V shape is so that the turbulence created by the lead goose gives the following bird a lift, and so on; they also exchange lead positions every so often so that one bird doesnt get worn out. This is an example of unselfishness, disproving vsauces theory, right? PLease give your opinion, feedback, and whether vsauce is trustrable or not, and whether animals are, in fact selfish or not.


Hello again Hasnain
A lot of what Michael Stevens makes sense even though his conclusions do no speak to the evolutionary process. Doing the millions of years in the development of life forms everything has been tried and the chance that have developed are those that work best. Animals do not have wheels because they would not meet the energy requirement. Geese fly in formation to conserve energy  All activities of life forms depend upon the conservation of energy.  Nature abhors the waste of energy. Energy in the form of heat is at a premium and all organisms struggle for energy. If you want to see an example of that go to Macdonalds at lunch time. They are not really there for the food  and if they are not served fast enough some of them can get nasty.  The struggle takes place at all levels.. Leaf cutter ants are guarded by soldier ant with large jaws. If a worker ant tries to enter the nest without a leaf the soldier bites off its head. Why? Because if you do not have your leaf you are wasting energy. Why does the Humpback whale form a bubble cloud and breech. It is a more energy efficient way to obtain food. Wheels in animals would be a waste of energy and that cannot happen. The selfishness of animals is due to the conservation of energy. Michael Stevens is smart guy and a scientist and I am sure he realizes this. Th motivation for Vsauce is entertainment

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