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Hi there, for a mathematical modelling paper I am taking at university, one of my assignment's questions this week requires me to find how many mice can fit into a given space (ignoring ethical issues). Calculating the volume of the average mouse requires some difficult geometric modelling, so going by the density of a mouse would be a lot simpler if possible. I assumed for a draft model that the density of a mouse would be approximately equal to that of a human because we are both mammals and comprise similar biological components, but would like to get a more reliable figure for the density of a mouse. Do you know what the density of your average house mouse is?


Hi Malcolm
 I have been researching this question and I cannot find out the density of a mouse. I do believe however that you cannot assume that all mammals have the same density. Density depends upon body fat, amount of chitin bone density etc. You can calculate the volume of a mouse without measurements however by using displacement of water. I have never treid it with a live mouse  


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