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Zoology/Cats, giraffes and camels..?


Bluebird wrote at 2006-07-31 02:29:24
Actually, the three animals move with right front, right hind, left front, left hind,(right right left left right right left left) etc.  Typically quadripeds move one foot on the right, then one on the left (right left right left right left).  I have also seen gaited horses moving in this manner, but it is unusual anyway around.  

Prince wrote at 2013-08-17 16:45:35
Cats, like horses and dogs, walk in a 4-beat lateral gait.  Right hind, right fore, left hind, left fore.  

The next gait up is the trot, which is a 2-beat diagonal gait, meaning that the fore and hind legs on opposite sides move in unison: right fore with left hind, left fore with right hind, etc.  

Some "gaited" horses, like elephants and camels, pace instead of trotting.  The pace is a 2-beat lateral gait, i.e., the 2 legs on the same side move in unison: right fore and hind together, then left fore and hind together.  


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