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iPad/Buying an iPad mini from abroad?


Dear Sir, I'm from the UK and have a chance to buy an iPad mini next year when I travel to Hong Kong or Singapore. I was told that the price there, in general, will be cheaper than the UK or even the US.

However, I'm confused about the mobile network, those 4G/LTE. If I bring the iPad mini back to the UK, will I be able to use it?

Similarly, if someone buy an iPad mini in the US, can they use it abroad?

Unfortunately no,Apple locks the models down to the use for the specific country they were released in. Here in the us there a 3 different 3G models one for ATT, Verizon,Sprint. I cant take an ATT version and use it on the Sprint network or go to the UK and use it.

I recommend buying it in the country you live it. Also be careful as Hong Kong and Singapore is one of the top leading in knock off apple products,I wouldn't want you to purchase a fake apple ipad.  


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