QUESTION: Can you tell me what iMessage app is for?  My neighbor's daughter bought her an iPad and a non-apple cellphone and wants my neighbor to "text" her rather than call.  Creating text message on the cell is tedious and would be simpler I think on the iPad.   I am not familiar with iPad and was going to teach her to her to text using google voice but it looks like iMessage may be the way to go.....   Thanks for your input.

ANSWER: Theresa, the iMessage app is used between apple devices to text. For example if you had an iPhone and your friend had an iPad you can text each other through the iMessage app. This works will apple computer,iPods,iPhones,and iPads running iOS 5.

Since your neighbors daughter doesn't have an iPhone you will have to uses google talk instead since that is cross platform.

Hope this helps,if you have any questions please feel free to ask.

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QUESTION: Thanks for the info.  The answer here may be obvious if I were looking at the app, but when you send a message using iMessage, how does it know what device to go to  (i.e., iPod, iPhone, iPad etc)?

When you set up iMessage on the select device it will ask you how you would like to receive your messages,if you have an iphone it will also show your phone number if not it will show your email associated with your Apple ID. iMessage syncs across all devices so if your cheating to someone on your Mac you can continue the same conversation on your iPad or iPod or iphone. It's really convenient.  


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