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Hi!  I know my way around PCs and Macs, own a classic iPod, but have only been able to "play" with iPhone and Tablets.   Recently someone asked would I help her learn to use her iPad.  She already had gmail and skype accounts set up but wasn't confident using them.  Well the task wasn't as straight forward as I thought it would be.....   I admit that I do not know which model iPod she is using but I do know it is not iPad-1 because it does have a camera (she says).   It is also wifi capable.

The problems:  I am familiar with both gmail and skype programs using windows for computers but on her iPod, I could not locate any commands to show any menu keys, for example, for inputting a contact name into an address book.  She has some contacts already in those programs and it's possible to call or email those but I cannot find a way to input anything new or to edit settings.   Is there a global setting on the iPad I'm missing or is a problem I need to investigate with skype and google (gmail)?

She has some money in a skype account so we experimented with a skype VoIP (audio only) call to landline or cell phone in another country and we could hear them but they could not hear us.  I'm supposing this can be corrected with a skype setting but would you please clarify:  do all iPads have a built-in microphone?   Or does one need an external mic?

Thank you in advance.

Sullivan, iOS products differ very much from other OS because Apple likes everything to be simple. With that being said some apps will have a settings page if you go to Settings/Then scroll down and if the app supports it then it will show on the bottom of that page. Most apps dont support that as they have settings built right into the app. Look for the "Gear" icon to indicate settings. As for adding contacts, I would recommend going to Gmail on the computer and adding contacts on the web,once stored on Gmails site they will move over to the ipad OTA. If not Download the Gmail app from the App store. The native gmail built into the "mail" app isnt so good now since google disabled PUSH since they want everyone using there Gmail app now. Same goes with Skype,go to skype on the computer add contacts and they will sync over to your app on the iPad.

You can also add contacts to the ipad. Look for a "Contacts" app on the ipad somewhere. Once that opens you can add all the contacts you want.

Yes all iPads come with a built in mic. Skype should work out of the box without messing with any settings. I recommend calling another line as it could of been the person your called.

Please let me know if you need any more help or further clarification. Have a great day!  


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